Thursday, October 25, 2007

Transportation & Communication

Transportation - Locally assembled public utility vehicles such as the 20-seater capacity jeepneys are the basic means of transportation enjoyed by the residents bound to and from Cebu City. There are those increasing number of 10-seater capacity multi-cabs as well as the 4-seater capacity tricycles that conjest the national highway but only serve the commuting public to reach other neighboring places as far as Danao City to the south and Catmon Municipality to the north. Every barangay is accessible thru the network of barangay roads and bridges although not as smooth and well-paved as the national coastal highway. Usually, jeepneys, tricycles, or even motorcycles locally termed as "habal-habal" are the means of transportation which serve as the backbone of the local and internal trade and commerce industry of the municipality. This setup also gives everyone, from all walks of life - from nature trail-seekers to scientific researchers, the chance to explore the scenic mountain heights, long and winding rivers and springs, and magnificent caves.

Port - Carmen has one port used as a docking station for cargo vessels that cruise to any point in the neighboring islands and for passenger ships transporting people to and from the province of Leyte.

Public Calling Office - Although at the moment there is only one Public Calling Office located in the Municipal Hall provided by the Rural Telephone Service, most people are now enjoying the convenience brought about by cellular phones from Islacom, Smart, Piltel, Globe, and similar other technologies.

Excerpted from : "A Publication of the Cebu Association of Municipal Planning and Development Coordinators, 1993 - 1994"

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