Thursday, October 25, 2007

Location & Topography

Carmen is a 3rd class municipality of the province of Cebu. It is about 42 kilometers north of Cebu City, the Queen City of the South. This is situated next to Danao City. It takes about 1.5 hours on normal speed to reach there from Cebu City by a bus or a jeepney ride along the northern coastal highway.

Bordered to the North by the Municipality of Catmon, Municipality of Tuburan to the Northeast, to the West by the Municipality of Asturias, and to the South by the City of Danao, Carmen Municipality is composed of 21 barangays or barrio, each headed by a Barangay Captain and his Councilors. Founded in 1870, this municipality has a total land area of approximately 8,210 hectares and a population of 32,000 based on the 1990 National Census.

The elevation of the town proper is about 20 feet above sea level and the highest portion is located in the northwestern part and has an estimated elevation of about xxx feet above sea level. The topography of the land is x% hilly, y%rolling, and the rest is level land.

The climatic condition of this town is characterized by a short dry season lasting 2 to 3 months, and a wet season lasting 9 to 10 months. This is typical to any locality in the Visayas Region in the Central Philippines. The dry season usually starts in late February until April of the same year. The coolest months are November and December with average temperatures reaching as low as 15 degrees Celsius. The hottest is from March to April with average temperatures registering 30 to 34 degrees Celsius. The heaviest rainfall is from June to July extending most of the time up to early August.

An excerpt from : "A Publication of the Cebu Association of Municipal Planning and Development Coordinators, 1993 - 1994"

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