Thursday, October 25, 2007

Livelihood And Establishments

As a 3rd class municipality, Carmen welcomes leading establishments in the field of agriculture, mining, aquaculture, and even food processing.

Leading Establishments:

Shemberg Biotech Corporation - the biggest seaweed processing plant in Asia producing all types of refined carrageenan for food applications
Vitarich Corporation - poultry farms and broiler production
Enviroboard Manufacturing Corporation - sugar cane waste recycling plant producing commercial boards and plywood
Santa Lucia Real Estate - a real estate establishment situated next to Shemberg Biotech Corporation

All these major establishments are providing its residents opportunities for a better life. Other minor establishments include stone crafts and handicrafts, coal mining and processing, corn and rice field farming and hog raising, and horticulture.

The town's central business district houses the public transportation terminal, the new public market, refreshment bars and cafes, and dozens of retail stores and minimarkets.

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